The Australian Financial Review An advertisement for Samsung's Note 7 at a subway station in Seoul, South Korea. The latest China incident raises the prospect that Samsung has battery problems with Note 7 phones now hitting the market. AHN YOUNG-JOON. by Yuan Gao and Jungah... ---

Samsung may also remove the headphone jack from its smartphones
galaxy_s7_boxApple’s decision to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 (and likely all its other devices in the near future) is clearly about control. They want to own the headphone market and […]

Tata Motors Enters Bolivia, Launches Three Vehicles
Tata Motors has launched three commercial vehicles in the Bolivian market Tata SuperAce Petrol, Tata Xenon Petrol and Tata LPT 613 truck.
Scalable IoT Deployments Gain Momentum, IDC Finds
Despite security and cost concerns, businesses and their IT teams are moving forward on practical deployments of internet of things technologies, according to a survey from IDC. The report reinforces other recent findings about IoT and what IT needs to know.

How to Create File Upload Forms with Google Scripts
Learn how to create online forms with file uploads that save files to Google Drive. The forms use Google Forms style responsive material design and the responses are saved in a Google Spreadsheet.