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    Autopsy: Christian Taylor had drugs in system when shot by police
    Ap_957091139107Feed-twFeed-fbA black college football player killed by a police officer likely used a synthetic psychedelic drug and marijuana prior to the deadly confrontation at a Texas car dealership, according to an initial autopsy report released Wednesday. See also: Police fatally shoot unarmed college football player The report shows there was THC, one of the active components of marijuana, and a synthetic drug that causes hallucinations in his system. The autopsy also showed Taylor was shot four times.
    BREAKING: Autopsy report released on Christian Taylor, unarmed teen shot by rookie Arlington officer. Taylor shot 4x — Jeff Smith (@JeffSmithNBC5) September 2, 2015 Read more...
    More about Crime, Us World, Autopsy, Police Shooting, and Christian Taylor
    'Mr. Robot' Season 1 finale recap: Who needs money, anyway?
    Mr-robotFeed-twFeed-fbAll season, Mr. Robot has differentiated itself from most other shows on TV. From its unique point of view — it's literally told from inside the head of its main character — to its commentary on current events (cyber terrorism, the fall of counterfeit heroes, etc.), USA’s groundbreaking summer drama has been nothing short of thrilling. Creator Sam Esmail’s feature-script-turned-TV-show traffics in boldness, in terms of both how it’s shot and its content — which makes Mr. Robot refreshingly original entertainment. See also: USA's 'Mr. Robot' may have cracked the code to compelling tech TV Wednesday night’s finale — the latest twist in a season full of bumps and turns — was yet another reminder of that. We’ve spent the past 10 episodes ingrained in the mind of our jittery, morphine-addicted and somewhat maniacal protagonist Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), watching step-by-step as he and his team of keyboard-pounding cyber-vigilantes — poignantly dubbed “FSociety” — put forth a comprehensive plan to rid the world of debt. Read more...More about Entertainment, Television, Video, Tv Recaps, and Mr. Robot
    Obama flyover of eroding Alaskan island thrusts Kivalina into spotlight
    KivaliniFeed-twFeed-fbANCHORAGE, Alaska — Residents of a Native village threatened by erosion were thankful Wednesday for President Barack Obama's attention to their plight, saying they hope his visit to Alaska will help them secure funding to build a critical evacuation road to drier ground. Even with a protective ocean rock wall, the impoverished Inupiat Eskimo community of Kivalina has no more than a decade left before erosion begins to force people from their homes, said Millie Hawley, president of Kivalina's tribal council. See also: Obama finishes Alaska trip as fish finishes on his shoe
    "I’ve met with Alaska Natives whose way of life they’ve practiced for centuries is in danger of slipping away." —@POTUS #ActOnClimate — White House Live (@WHLive) September 3, 2015 Read more...
    More about Climate Change, Obama, Us World, Us, and Alaska
    Australia's prime minister won't stop comparing things to the Nazis
    AbbottFeed-twFeed-fbAustralia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott loves a rhetorical flourish, but it may be time for him to change up his metaphors. In an interview on the Sydney radio station 2GB on Thursday, the prime minister linked the Islamic State's brutal techniques of oppression to the Nazis' attempted genocide of the Jews See also: If this photo doesn't make you care about the refugee crisis, nothing will "The Nazis did terrible evil but they had a sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it," he said. "These people boast about their evil, this is the extraordinary thing." The discussion came as the Australian government weighs up whether to join U.S. air strikes in Syria against the group. Read more...More about Australia, Nazis, Us World, and Tony Abbott
    Photo challenge: Utilize Instagram's support for non-square photos
    Photo-challengeFeed-twFeed-fbInstagram's latest update announced native support for landscape and portrait-shaped photos. This was big news for all, but especially for landscape photographers. We want you to embrace the new feature for this week's Mashable Photo Challenge. No more white borders, no more awkward crops Share with us your view — whether out your window, on a road trip or on your morning run. And think outside of the box, literally See also: 12 photos illuminated with window light Our guest host is Jovell Rennie, an artist born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Alaska. As a landscape photographer, Rennie has always been a stickler for non-square, even when the app didn't support such formats. Read more...More about Photography, Instagram, Social Media, Mashable Photo Challenge, and Mashable Photo Challenge Guest Series
    Tumblr changes reblogs so you can actually read them
    TumblrFeed-twFeed-fbIt's not just you: Tumblr reblogs look a lot different. The Yahoo-owned blogging site changed the way that reblogs — posts that are re-shared by other users — are handled to make the text easier to read and follow. See also: Tumblr is having too much fun with its app update description On Tumblr, each time you reblog something, you're able to add your own comment, along with the comments of everyone else who has reblogged the post. Previously, comments accompanying reblogs were nested so that longer threads could quickly turn into a "crazy long, indecipherable reblog chain," according to Tumblr. Read more...More about Yahoo, Social Media, Tumblr, Tech, and Apps Software
    Calgary police return stolen car to owner with cocaine, gun still inside
    Screen-shot-2015-09-02-at-5.03.19-pmFeed-twFeed-fbCourtney Pickering was happy to get her car back after it was stolen, but she wasn't expecting Calgary Police to give her a little something extra When Pickering first looked inside her returned car, she found cocaine, a crack pipe and a gun, among other illicit items See also: Florida man lists 'drug dealer' as his occupation on arrest report The car was stolen from an alley behind Pickering's home last week but she received a call saying that the car had been recovered and that she could retrieve it as soon as a forensics team went over it. When she got the car back, though, she found a small bag of cocaine in one of the cupholders. She then found even more items missed by the police including a knife in the front door pocket, a crack pipe on the rear seat, a heavy pipe, and a pellet gun under the seat Read more...More about Crime, Us World, Cocaine, Calgary, and Crack Pipe
    The damning Roger Goodell scene cut from NFL drama 'Concussion'
    Goodell.thm_Feed-twFeed-fbLOS ANGELES — This wasn't going to look good for the NFL or commissioner Roger Goodell. In a scene from the script of Concussion — the Sony Pictures drama starring Will Smith as the doctor who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in NFL players — Goodell takes a late-night call from Pittsburgh Steelers doctors informing him that a player had fatally shot himself in the chest, and had left a note requesting that his brain be scanned for the condition. "This is going to unravel," Goodell says After further review from the studio and filmmakers, the scene was cut. SEE ALSO: Will Smith rages against the NFL in first 'Concussion' trailer Read more...More about Movies, Sony, Nfl, Entertainment, and Film
    Stephen Colbert fires back at Jeb Bush for 'Late Show' fundraiser
    Stephen-colbert-jeb-bushFeed-twFeed-fb Jeb Bush may have got himself into a bit of a mess. The presidential candidate, who will appear on the first episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Sept. 9, sent an email to his supporters earlier this week stating that anyone who donates $3 to his campaign will have an opportunity to win a trip to New York for the taping of the show, as well as a dinner with Bush and his rich friend Woody Johnson Well, Colbert was never informed of this sweepstakes, so he decided to have his own raffle. In a YouTube video released on Wednesday, Colbert announced that the winner of his raffle will also be able to attend the show, and will be able submit one non-obscene question that Colbert will ask Bush during the show. Read more...More about Viral Videos, Entertainment, Stephen Colbert, Tv, and Videos
    Verizon's trademark red swoop becomes a sad, shrunken check mark
    VerizonFeed-twFeed-fbGoogle isn't the only company to overhaul its logo this week. Verizon followed the tech giant's lead on Wednesday with a minimalist new look that downsizes the telecom's iconic lightning bolt-shaped slash into a dinky checkmark in the corner of the logo. The company also did away with the red "Z" that trailed beneath the last two letters in favor of a simpler design
    Our look is evolving along with our customers — Verizon News (@VerizonNews) September 2, 2015

    The old logo:

    v2 Image: Verizon
    The makeover, first reported by Ad Age and confirmed by the company shortly after, is the first major tweak since the company launched its current nameplate fifteen years ago Read more...More about Verizon, Logos, Business, and Advertising
    Cosmic hitchhiker: NASA developing space probe to hop among comets
    Hitchhiker20150901Feed-twFeed-fbSome day in the future a spacecraft might be able to hitchhike its way across the small bodies of the solar system. A new mission concept being developed by scientists working with NASA would use a tether and harpoon to reel a robotic spacecraft in for a landing on a comet or asteroid before moving on to other bodies in its cosmic neighborhood. See also: Giant sinkholes may dot a comet heading toward the sun This Comet Hitchhiker concept could allow a craft to get into orbit and land on small bodies, studying them from close range. By collecting data on multiple objects, scientists could expand their understanding of how bodies in the solar system formed and possibly even help researchers learn more about how the seeds for life may have gotten to Earth. Read more...More about Nasa, Us World, Us, Space, and Comets
    Google's new logo is friendly, not evil
    Google-thumbFeed-twFeed-fbGoogle just had its biggest makeover in a decade and a half, trading its iconic rainbow letters for a blockier, serif-free update. The change threw website visitors a curveball on Tuesday when a small animated arm rose from from the search bar to wipe away the old logo and chalk in a new one. And as the most visited site on Earth, the brand transformation immediately caused a stir. See also: Google's iconic logo is changing in a big way Overall, the reception has been much more positive than many other high-profile logo changes. A Mashable poll found that 52% of nearly 3,000 respondents agreed that the reinvention was a "much-needed, cleaner change," while 24% missed the serifs. Read more...More about Google, Business, and Advertising

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