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    Shania Twain is still the one: Fans freak out over farewell tour news
    Shania-twain-tourFeed-twFeed-fbLOS ANGELES — When you hold the title for best-selling country album ever — let alone being one of the top-selling female artists of all time regardless of genre — you're bound to have some rabid fans freaking out over your first tour in 11 years That's Shania Twain, who on Wednesday announced she's going on a 48-city tour — her last one, a celebration to end her touring career. The big farewell See also: Fan Ends Prom Night Helping Hunter Hayes Break Guinness World Record "I really just want to go out with a bang," the 49-year-old said on Good Morning America. "It's the after-party tour. That's how I see it. It's the after-party to all of these years." Read more...More about Music, Entertainment, Celebrities, Country, and Tours
    You'll want to move into this $30,000 Samsung dog kennel
    Screen-shot-2015-03-04-at-17.59.51Feed-twFeed-fb LONDON — They're calling it the dog kennel of the future Some of the spoiled mutts at Crufts 2015, which starts Thursday, will get to try out these plush doggy digs, which come complete with an earth-covered treadmill, built-in tablets, hydro-therapy pool and paw-operated snack dispenser The "Dream Doghouse", which cost £20,000 ($30,000) to build was made by Samsung for the world's biggest dog show, which takes place in Birmingham. Get your giggity on with an 'Uptown Funk' cover in 'Family Guy' voices The Oscars recut without dialogue is spectacularly awkward Justin Bieber parodies his own Calvin Klein ad in new 'Roast' promo The X-Men, as directed by Wes Anderson Read more... More about Uk, Dogs, Watercooler, Videos, and Crufts
    Ferguson cop won't face civil rights charges in Michael Brown shooting
    Ap295788382513Feed-twFeed-fbThe Ferguson police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown last August will not face civil rights charges, the Department of Justice announced on Wednesday. Officer Darren Wilson, who has since resigned from the department, will not be charged based on evidence examined in an independent federal investigation. See also: Raw City: Inside Ferguson's War at Home "After a careful and deliberative review of all of the evidence, the department has determined that the evidence does not establish that Darren Wilson violated the applicable federal criminal civil rights statute," according to a Justice Department Statement. Read more...More about Us World, Us, Ferguson, Michael Brown, and Darren Wilson
    Boston bomber's lawyer says he's guilty, but doesn't want death penalty
    TsarnaevFeed-twFeed-fbJudy Clarke, the defense attorney for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, stood on the first day of the Boston bombing trial, and immediately conceded that Tsarnaev was guilty That's not exactly a common move among defense attorneys, but Clarke and her team aren't trying to set the 21-year-old free. They just don't want him to die at the hands of the government See also: LAPD won't release body camera footage of homeless man shooting, for now Tsarnaev is on trial for allegedly working with his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, to set off two bombs at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, which killed three people and injured more than 260 others. The brothers avoided capture until Tamerlan was killed following a shootout with law enforcement four days later, after which an intensified manhunt led to Tsarnaev's capture Read more...More about Trial, Us World, Us, Boston Marathon, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
    Get your giggity on with an 'Uptown Funk' cover in 'Family Guy' voices
    Maxresdefault1Feed-twFeed-fb Hot damn! With so many Uptown Funk parodies out there, why not a cartoon one? Mikey Bolts, known for his vast number of impressions, voiced characters from Family Guy, American Dad and more to the tune of Mark Ronson's captivating hit. Don't believe me? Just watch! The Oscars recut without dialogue is spectacularly awkward Justin Bieber parodies his own Calvin Klein ad in new 'Roast' promo The X-Men, as directed by Wes Anderson Jimmy Fallon dances on his desk at the request of a little kid Read more... More about Viral Videos, Watercooler, Videos, and Uptown Funk
    Instagram 'carousel ads' let you swipe left to learn more
    InstagramFeed-twFeed-fbInstagram broadened its options for advertisers on Wednesday with a new type of ad unit that lets readers swipe left to learn more about the brand or product. Called carousel ads, the product was developed after marketers clamored for a way to "tell sequenced stories in beautiful, compelling ways that lead to meaningful results for their businesses," the Facebook unit wrote in a blog post on Wednesday. Instagram has addressed that need with new Tinder-like functionality, though here you swipe left instead of right if you like what you see See also: They meet on Instagram, then they risk arrest for their next shot Read more...More about Advertising, Instagram, and Business
    Vince Vaughn ingeniously promotes new film with stock photos
    Vincevaughn_stock_thumbFeed-twFeed-fbIf Vince Vaughn's acting career goes south, at least he's got stock-photo modeling to fall back on As a genius promotion for his upcoming film Unfinished Business, Vaughn and his co-stars, including Dave Franco, released a series of their own clichéd, ridiculous stock photos that plague business pamphlets and PowerPoint presentations worldwide See also: Man photobombs stock photos, and things get weird fast The series was a collaboration between Getty and Twentieth Century Fox. iStock will release four images a week for the next three weeks, available for free editorial use, here. Check out the full 12, originally released by AdWeek, below. Read more...More about Pics, Watercooler, Celebs, and Vince Vaughn
    The 10 best things we saw at Mobile World Congress
    Mobile-world-congress-2015Feed-twFeed-fbBARCELONA — Mobile World Congress is officially not over yet, but — as it happens every year — the big announcements are all behind us Looking back, there's no denying that MWC15 was big, perhaps bigger than ever. When our team convened to make a list of the coolest stuff we've seen this year, it was actually quite hard to narrow it down to 10. We don't remember that happening in the past couple of years. See also: The Samsung Galaxy S6 is here and has a hot brother, the Galaxy S6 Edge Besides Samsung's duo of Galaxy S6 devices — an obvious top pick — we've seen quite some interesting smartphones, quite a few wearables, and one or two tablets Read more...More about Barcelona, Mobile World Congress, Tech, Gadgets, and Mobile
    Three performances that rocked the night on 'The Voice'
    Nup_166046_4557Feed-twFeed-fbWe're finally in the swing of things here at The Voice as the coaches continue to build up their teams This round of blind auditions didn't see as many four-chair-turns as in others, but there was certainly enough one-on-one coach banter to entertain us for the night. Despite the chit chat, however, the coaches seem to love each other more than ever. As this week concludes, the coaches have at least 10 artists on their teams, leaving only a few slots left to be filled. The season's shaping up to be a great one — let's see how Round 4 of blind auditions played out Read more...

    Top 3 performances

    Ashley Morgan 26

    More about Reality Tv, The Voice, Entertainment, Music, and Tv
    Target to ax thousands of jobs in $2 billion cost-cutting push
    Target1Feed-twFeed-fbTarget plans to lay off several thousand employees over the next two years as part of a restructuring effort that will save the company $2 billion in costs, the retail giant said in a meeting with investors and analysts Tuesday. The move is a pillar of CEO Brian Cornell's longterm plan to put the discount retailer back on the right track after years of missteps and lackluster performance by homing in on a few key product groups, opening smaller urban stores and shoring up online sales. See also: Target to close all 133 Canadian stores; 17,600 employees will lose jobs The company said the majority of the jobs will be lost at its headquarters in Minneapolis Read more...More about Target and Business
    Where cute animals rule: bunny island, pig beach and sloth sanctuary
    PiggieFeed-twFeed-fbYour love of animals doesn't have to be limited to the Internet. The world is full of ridiculous places where you can satisfy your need to roll around with cute creatures in real life From overcrowded Japanese cat islands to frolicking in the Caribbean with pigs, whatever animal you fancy can be found running riot in some foreign land. Here are the places to visit where animals rule. See also: 11 Adorable Animals With Uncontrollable Hiccups

    Bunny Island

    Ōkunoshima is an island in the Inland Sea in Japan, in the Hiroshima Prefecture. During World War II, the island had a poisonous gas factory and rabbits were used to test chemical weapons Read more...More about Animals, Cute Animals, Vacations, Lifestyle, and Travel Leisure
    Make music while sculpting a face using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion
    2oclep987Feed-twFeed-fbWhat if you could make music while sculpting a human face with your hands in virtual reality? A new experiment, made available on the web by Mozilla's VR team via the WebVR API, aims to show us exactly what that looks like when using VR in a Firefox browser See also: Ultrasonics may soon let you touch what you see in virtual reality Developed by Isaac Cohen (aka Cabbibo), Rainbow Membrane is a virtual reality experience that allows you to produce sound by manipulating a virtual face, and the walls around that face. The dynamic is made possible by pairing an Oculus Rift (for immersive visuals) with a Leap Motion (for hand gesture detection) Read more...More about Mozilla, Firefox, Virtual Reality, Tech, and Apps Software

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