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    How not to praise your employee’s work
    FeedbackFeed-twFeed-fbProviding negative feedback is one of the hardest parts of any manager’s job. For example, you would need different approaches for a new employee who may benefit from additional training as compared to a seasoned employee who always gets defensive. Theoretically, giving positive feedback should be much easier. Your employee does something great, you recognize his or her contribution, and everyone feels good about their work. SEE ALSO: How to exceed expectations in your first managerial role However, it doesn’t always work out that way. In other words, managers also need to be thoughtful about how they convey positive messages. Read more...More about Management, Feedback, Business, Contributor, and Work Relationships
    4 reasons to stop feeling guilty about leaving your job
    Quit-your-job-without-guiltFeed-twFeed-fbWell, look at you. You've done it. After months of quietly exploring new, better career opportunities, you've landed a job that makes you giddy just thinking about. You've even mustered up the courage to tell your current employer. And just at that moment when you should be on Cloud 9? It happens. The guilt comes rolling into the station. You begin to question the decision. You feel awful that you're leaving your team, at a moment when no one could possibly live without you. You wonder if you should just duck into your cubicle for the next two weeks, to avoid having to face people with this bombshell news of yours. Read more...More about Business, Jobs, The Daily Muse, and Career Advice
    Ireland goes to the polls for marriage equality vote
    IrelandFeed-twFeed-fbA historic vote is taking place in Ireland Friday as the republic becomes the first nation in the world to hold a referendum on legalising same sex marriage. Polling stations opened at 7 a.m. local time and will remain open until 10 p.m. with a count scheduled for Saturday (May 23). See also: Give me your hand: Irish couples fighting for gay marriage Some three million voters have been invited to cast ballots across Ireland’s 43 constituencies, the Guardian reports. They'll be asked whether they agree with the following statement: "Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex." Read more...More about Ireland, Same Sex Marriage, Dublin, Us World, and Marriage Equality
    Artist covers up potholes with beautiful frozen treat art
    Pothole-art-11Feed-twFeed-fbStreet art has never been taken more literally. Everyone knows potholes are the eighth scourge of the Earth but not everyone knows how to fix them. One guerrilla artist is combating them in the best way — with art! See also: Naughty vandal uses penis drawings to get local potholes filled Jim Bachor is taking the battle to the streets by preemptively fixing potholes with colorful mosaics of frozen treats. He's previously mended potholes with flower designs and signage. It seems now he's getting ready for summer with his ice cream and popsicle-themed arrangements. Check out some of Bachor's amazing frozen treat mosaics below: Read more...More about Art, Street Art, Watercooler, and Pics
    What to watch out for at the 2015 world's fair in Milan
    PavilionFeed-twFeed-fbThe most anticipated world’s fair in decades (and the hottest ticket in Italy this summer), the Milan Expo is having a moment thanks to its focus on food. This year’s theme, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” conveniently combines the current global foodie obsession with Italy’s culinary know-how to create a 1.1-million-square-meter city representing 145 countries, three international organizations, and numerous NGOs and corporate partners. See also: This is a great year for a European vacation The expo, which opened May 1, expects to welcome 20 million guests by the time it wraps up on October 31. If you’re planning to visit the expo during its six-month run, here are some of the trends to watch out for: Read more...More about Travel, Italy, Lifestyle, Travel Leisure, and Travel Trends
    UK hit by small earthquake, Twitter rolls out the jokes
    Ramsgate_22_may_2015_felt_locationsFeed-twFeed-fbKent in southeast England was hit by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake early Friday morning, with tremors felt across the region. See also: The most underwhelming images of the solar eclipse Residents in Canterbury, Margate and Whitstable felt rumblings as the minor quake rippled out from the epicentre 5 km south of Ramsgate. The British Geological Survey, who normally tweet "weekdays 9 - 5," posted updates on the quake location and put it into context early on.
    Here's seismicity map for this morning's 4.2 earthquake, 5km south of Ramsgate, Kent & approx 100km east of London — BGS (@BritGeoSurvey) May 22, 2015 Read more...
    More about Uk, Earthquake, Us World, and Kent
    Wild 'space weather' may threaten chances for alien life
    Solar-flareFeed-twFeed-fbEarth regularly endures violent ejections of material from the sun, but could similar eruptions in other solar systems make alien planets inhospitable to life? Two telescopes in the Mojave Desert are searching for these bursts of activity from stars, which could affect the development of distant planets and their potential for life. When material streams off of a star on a daily basis, it produces what scientists call "space weather." But the sun's weather may be mild compared to that of the most plentiful stars in the galaxy, M-dwarfs. SEE ALSO: The sun's wrath: Worst solar storms in history Read more...More about Sun, Earth, Solar Flares, Alien Life, and Us World
    This algorithm produces rap lyrics that rival human-generated rhymes
    RapperFeed-twFeed-fbThe ancient skill of creating and performing spoken rhyme is thriving today because of the inexorable rise in the popularity of rapping. This art form is distinct from ordinary spoken poetry because it is performed to a beat, often with background music. And the performers have excelled. Adam Bradley, a professor of English at the University of Colorado has described it in glowing terms. Rapping, he says, crafts "intricate structures of sound and rhyme, creating some of the most scrupulously formal poetry composed today." The highly structured nature of rap makes it particularly amenable to computer analysis. And that raises an interesting question: if computers can analyze rap lyrics, can they also generate them? Read more...More about Music, Songs, Rap, Lyrics, and Entertainment
    Microsoft's redesign includes new organization features
    MicroosftFeed-twFeed-fbMicrosoft is giving its a pretty big facelift. The company previewed several major changes to its email client Thursday including a redesigned inbox, new support for Skype and third-party apps and new calendar features. The revamped will begin rolling out Thursday as a preview to some users and will be available more broadly over the next few weeks See also: Microsoft confirms there will be 7 editions of Windows 10 inboxes will now support Microsoft's Clutter tool. First rolled out last year for business users, Clutter is a lot like Gmail's priority inbox feature in that it automatically sorts messages based on what it predicts will be most important to you. Messages identified as unimportant are automatically sent to a separate folder that doesn't appear in the main inbox. Read more...More about Microsoft, Tech, Outlook, Apps Software, and Outlook.Com
    Teen model with Down syndrome is the true meaning of beautiful
    MaddieFeed-twFeed-fbMaddy Stuart is no regular teen — she wants to change the world's view of people with Down syndrome, one pose at a time. The 18-year-old Australian aspiring model is using the platform of social media to spread her message. With 322,000 Facebook fans under her belt, Stuart writes on the page: "Modelling will help change societies view of people with Down Syndrome, exposure will help to create acceptance in life. [sic]" See also: This is why selfie sticks don't belong in moving vehicles
    A photo posted by Madeline Stuart (@madelinesmodelling_) on
    The red-headed beauty's mum, Rosanne, is helping Maddy spread the message, while finding her daughter an agent Read more...More about Australia, Watercooler, Pics, Down Syndrome, and Madeline Stuart
    Ed Sheeran and Kermit the Frog's duet for Red Nose Day is too cute for words
    Ed_sheeran_kermit_red_nose_dayFeed-twFeed-fb Our hearts can't handle this adorableness. Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran and singer/amphibian Kermit the Frog teamed up for NBC's charity event Red Nose Day to help raise money for nonprofit children's organizations around the world Sheeran and Kermit's rendition of "Rainbow Connection" isn't just a beautiful tribute to help kids. It's also a musical match made in heaven. 'Refugees are scum' video experiment shows what it takes for people to act Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman face off on 'The Voice' for Red Nose Day Khaleesi is the best reggae singer this side of the Narrow Sea Take a moment to chill out with the 'world's most relaxing film' Read more... More about Viral Videos, Videos, Muppets, Kermit, and Watercooler
    'Refugees are scum' video experiment shows what it takes for people to act
    ScumFeed-twFeed-fb A man standing on an Australian street wearing a sign that reads "refugees are scum" has incited an angry reaction from locals. In the social experiment by activist group Act for Peace, Sydneysiders can be seen saying to the man "You're a fucking disgrace" and "I think you are scum." One pedestrian even turns back and without saying a word, rips the sign off the demonstrator. Cheers erupt from passersby The mood changes dramatically when the man walks around wearing a placard saying: "Help the refugees." Most people simply ignore him. The clip finishes by asking the public if they care enough about refugees to act. If so, the group urges Australians to take a challenge that would see them eating the same amount of food as a Burmese refugee over a week while being sponsored Read more...More about Australia, Us World, Refugees, and Scum

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