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    Need Help Promoting Your App? Ask Google
    PC MagazineIf you're a mobile Android developer, then you're probably aware that one of the best ways to get a little traction for your particular program is to capitalize on word of mouth. And one of the best ways to capitalize on word of mouth is to build some kind of...
    Photo app smackdown - Google, Apple or Yahoo?
    USA TODAYLOS ANGELES - Let the smartphone photo wars begin! In one corner, it's Google Photos, as the search giant takes on Apple's iCloud, Yahoo's redesigned Flickr app, Dropbox, Microsoft and others, in a bid to be the one-stop app home for all your photos and...--
    How To: What you need to consider before you start learning a programming ...
    Daily News & AnalysisThinking of learning a programming language this summer? There's a few things you need to keep in mind first. Here's a primer, for how you should start. dnaTechHowTo- Coding- programming language. Our world is testament to the change that technology...
    Google 'polishes' Android system
    Belfast TelegraphA Google employee gives a demonstration of Android Pay on a phone at Google I/O 2015. (AP). 29 May 2015. Google has unveiled how it plans to introduce virtual reality to the classroom and to YouTube this year, as well as the much rumoured new...--
    Google Play Store Update Speculations – Google Likely to Introduce some ...
    Solar HBJTheir job is limited to listing new apps and modifying existing apps in the store. Moreover, some developers have lately said that Play Store is a home to their apps, but not for them. The justification statement highlights that they do not get much scope to...-
    Inbox app by Google now available without invites
    India TodayGoogle has just announced that its email app, Inbox will now be thrown open to everyone. The announcement was made at the recent I/O event. This marks a change in its invite-only policy up till now. The app was released in the October of 2014. The app...-
    Getting started with Google Photos
    CNETI just need Google Photos, a product I've been waiting for to create order out of my sprawling photo library. I have used Picasa for years to share photos with family, but it wasn't a great fit for backing up photos as I began to use my iPhone more and my dSLR...--
    Saving grace of Google I/O 2015: Jacquard, Soli, Abacus and other exciting ...
    FirstpostIt was just yesterday we felt Google hadn't done much this I/O. And then they came up with touch-sensitive fabric. That's exactly the kind of technological innovation we were expecting on Day 1 of Google I/O 2015. The inspiring kind. If there's one thing we've...
    Why you want Google Photos
    ComputerworldWe all love to take pictures. Smartphones make it easy. Because it's so easy to take pictures, we take a lot of them. (I personally have more than 80,000 photos and videos which take up more than 215 gigabytes of space.) More like this. photos across years.--
    Here's how you can solve Apple iMessage service problem!
    Business StandardApple has detailed an official solution for its iMessage service which has been recently crashing due to a small string of text characters, blocking users from reading incoming texts. According to the Verge, Apple has detailed an official workaround for the...--
    Google I/O 2015: Project Jacquard aims to offer interactive clothing; Project ...
    FirstpostWhile the first day at Google I/O saw the major announcements, the second day didn't disappoint either. Along with Project Vault and Project Soli, the company also introduced the all new Project Jacquard that is all about intercative clothing and project...
    Google's 'Now service' is a bombshell for the future
    Economic TimesWhat Google just announced at its I/O developer conference is a bombshell for the future of the company. For years the search giant has witnessed the chipping away of its core product - search - due to the rise of mobile applications and their soiled-off...--

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